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I'm a bit obsessed with Jean Dujardin, but lately there's a lack of info about him, so I post images, gif sets or videos of artists whom I like and make me laugh.

This is a bittersweet place. And all what's happening here, I swear, it's totally accidental.
~ Thursday, June 14 ~


You know, Nat has naturally red hair.

And she likes the snow, but she loves the rain.

She likes to lay in bed on rainy mornings.

She has this spot on the back of her neck she likes me to rub.

And she particularly enjoys candle light.

And she likes to dance, but not when anyone is watching.

And when she is feeling tired and down, she likes to lay her head in my lap.

And she sings Russian songs, and I don’t understand them but I still love to listen.

From this = http://lettiebobettie.tumblr.com/post/23626326500/i-dont-think-its-really-spoilery-but-just-in

I have been working on it for a while… finally finished it up today. 

Now back to commissions!

Commission info hereee

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