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I'm a bit obsessed with Jean Dujardin, but lately there's a lack of info about him, so I post images, gif sets or videos of artists whom I like and make me laugh.

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However, there was one aspect of Hawkeye that Whedon was more than happy to leave in the comic books. In order to ground the character in reality, he knew that the bright purple costume just wouldn’t cut it. Let’s just say it, the purple mask Hawkeye wears in the comics is just not a good idea,” he laughs. “As much as possible with The Avengers, you want to see their faces and Jeremy Renner’s face is incredibly compelling, so I said, ‘Here’s an idea…don’t put cloth over it.’ We ended up going with Bryan Hitch’s vision of the costume from ‘Ultimates’ and Mark Miller’s vision of the idea that he’s not a super hero; he is a S.H.I.E.L.D agent. Hawkeye also likes to sneak off by himself to the highest and darkest part of the room and he’s not much of a team player.”

(via Comic Book Movie | Jeremy Renner Reveals New Hawkeye Details; Joss Whedon Talks Costume Change And More)

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